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Confident and professional, able to be worn for more risqué fashion moments or for power polish at the office, the Sasha Slim Skirt is a perfect addition to your closet. A suited inspiration with a pencil shape, opt for o-ring zip ups to craft some edge and overlay mesh for a graphic look.


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We have 4 fits at frilly; second skin, slim fit, regular, and oversized.
They are numerically organized; please see below for fit by number.

FIT 1: A second skin fit is meant to be a tight fit which hugs your body, emphasizing your natural shape and curves.

FIT 2: A slim fit is a tighter fit, with 1” ease between body and garment.

FIT 3: A regular fit is meant to drape over the body with 2-3” ease between body and garment.

FIT 4: An oversized fit is up to 2X sizes bigger than the regular fit. It is a flattering, comfort fit.

Our Three Brands

SALTT is a more body driven brand, featuring mostly second skin fits, while One Fifty Third is comprised of mostly regular fit items. The pieces from Herron are mostly oversized. There are design exceptions; to get a feel for the proper fit of an individual garment, take a look inside our model gallery.

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  • Polyester:66% , Viscose:28% , Elastane:6%
  • Dry Clean
  • Portugal
  • Rayon:62% , Cotton:34% , poly:1% , Polyurethane:3%
  • Dry Clean
  • Japan
Satin Back Faille
  • TRIACETATE:81% , Polyester:19%
  • Dry Clean
  • Japan
  • Polyester:71% , Polyurethane:29%
  • Dry Clean
  • Italy
  • Bottom
  • Slits
  • Combination Fabric Hem
  • Length
  • Front Pockets
  • Belt
  • Back Pockets
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