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this design belongs to you

frilly was founded on a simple premise:
you know best.

Uninspired by the current throwaway, mass-production cycles and cookie-cutter pieces, we wanted an alternative; one that celebrated style, and individual expression.

So we created it.

Fashion isn’t a one-style-fits-all formula. In an ocean of fashion sameness, where silhouettes are fixed and styles static, we believe in the power of customization to revolutionize the way we shop.

Think beyond a change in color and hem, and imagine a platform that allows you to shift change a silk slip dress into a lacy crop top with a few clicks of your mouse.

We showcase an array of curated, timeless styles—and you make it yours.



bespoke: more than a buzzword

One artisan handles your frilly order from start to finish, making a garment to your unique specifications. This means no assembly lines, and no mass production practices. Every stitch is considered and everything, down to the hand-sewn buttons, is undertaken with care.

We bring customizable options next level with thoughtful design choices. Every time you choose a design option, our designer’s thoughts pop up, offering style guidance and suggestions.

Modern day bespoke is about embracing the latest trends while not compromising timeless quality. While you can pare back a style to its most essential, you can equally opt for ‘all the frills’ for a season-special feel.



bringing back métier

Made-to-order clothing is a centuries old tradition, one dating back to the very inception of fashion. In lieu of the modern era’s large scale, mass production schemas, ateliers fitted and adjusted pieces according to their clients’ tastes, preferences, and unique sense of style. To craft a piece was an occasion and to construct it, an art.

For highly trained couturiers, fashion was their métier; stitching, techniques, and pattern cutting a mastery that was passed down through generations of apprenticeship.

frilly is a customizable, made-to-order fashion platform that merges these traditional bespoke design practices in a digital space for a totally new way to craft a personalized style.

Each of our brands reflect a different style and point of view. Our team of seasoned designers approach each new collection with a unique inspiration & muse in mind, from the ultra-modernist to the bohemian spirit, keeping our selections fresh, elevated, and inspired.



it’s all in the construction

From the composition of a fabric, to the type of stitching on a blazer, our garments feature couture-level detailing meant to last. Our fits are crafted by our head of technical design to be friendly and ultra-flattering for any body type; our trousers, for example, may be magic; everyone looks amazing in them.

It’s the specialized techniques behind the construction of your clothing which makes a frilly piece unique. Garments always feature a clean finish on the inside, and many hidden stitches are done by hand to be up to haute couture standards. From fully lined to bounded seams, not one stitching detail goes unconsidered.

French seams bind lightweight material for a seamless, effortless look, and hidden French darting lends your silhouette a nuanced form that accentuates your body’s natural figure. Our blazers and coats are fully tailored up to the standards set by the world’s finest ateliers, built to last you a lifetime.



your virtual atelier

Our technology takes the traditional atelier experience and makes it a seamless virtual one. This way, you can see your fully realized garment before you commit to having it made. Customization is a collaborative, creative, and interactive process, so we created our proprietary software to give you a peerless level of personalization and choice.

Inside your virtual atelier, your design changes real-time as you choose each variable, with a model gallery and a series of designer’s thoughts to guide. You can customize a garment’s fit and feel, and see recommendations on how to customize a blazer to shift a look from street to sleek.

From the look & feel, the texture, weave, the way a fabric drapes, to the crisp lines of a modern Italian Linen, our team of software engineers conduct a variety of tests to ensure that your garment rendering is as true to life as possible.

Our technology brings our garments come to life online, empowering you to create the pieces of your dreams.



one planet, one vision

We believe that being well dressed does not need to come at a cost to our planet. We treasure the environment; and we act to make our clothing and production practices as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible.

Our business model, at its foundation, is anti-mass production and waste-resistant; we operate on a one garment basis, ensuring that we do not overproduce and overtax our environment or its resources.

As one tailor handcrafts your piece from start to finish, our prices reflect the cost of that specialized labor that goes into crafting your garment. We are direct to consumer, which helps us keep our prices affordable yet fair.

We believe in offering sustainable options that also look great. Many of our items are available in TENCEL® & Cupro, recyclable materials with a low ecological footprint.



frilly is: people first

It’s no secret that the current fashion industry works on a cycle that is unsustainable, and often leads to mistreatment and exploitative practices for people around the globe, specifically for developing countries.

Our founder is from China. He knows firsthand the detrimental effects of the current mass production models on the environment, people, and economy. We believe that we do have the power to affect positive change on this planet through being the agents for the shifts we wish to see.

Our company mission and belief in the power of connected, integral business is why frilly’s privately owned factories and development teams are located in China.

People come first at frilly. We attract the finest tailors and artisans from around the country to bring the venerated art of fine clothing construction back to life. We go above and beyond the national wage requirements to ensure a better quality of life for our workers. Free English classes are offered on site, as is health insurance. We put women in leadership positions, and promote from within to ensure upwards mobility.



a bit about us…

We call the sunny city of Los Angeles home; frilly was founded here in 2014, and our HQ is located in downtown. Our tight knit company is more of a family.

Our team has been working towards the same vision for years, with our shared passion for a new model of business and a space where unique, inspired fashion can come to life driving us onwards.

We are champions for local action; once a month we go out and volunteer in our community, whether it be assisting in local park upkeep, or volunteering at a local dog shelter.

A few things we adore, in no particular order: dogs, art, music, food, fashion, and dogs.