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Media & PR
Do you have a media kit?
We do; please email for all inquiries.
I love my garments!  How can I share my frilly experience with others?
When you log into your account you will be able to see where you can share your designs with your friends on social media!
How do I get a job at frilly?
We post our job openings on LinkedIn; visit us and take a look. You can also email us at, as we’re always looking for fresh talent.
What do you do to give back to the community?
Every month, our team does a volunteer day doing something that aligns with our mission to give back both locally and globally. We often take trips within L.A to be in service to the earth, our community, or our animal friends. 
How does ethics come into play for frilly?
Our business model is inherently waste-resistant; for us, we feel we have an ethical responsibility to ourselves, the world, and our fellow humans to create.
How did you come up with frilly?
We wanted to create a platform that allowed clients the freedom to create their own style; a unique, one a kind piece that was theirs alone. It’s our solution to the mass production model that makes for cookie-cutter styles of poor quality.