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general info
Who is frilly?
frilly is a creative platform for people who want to design their own unique pieces to truly create a style that is all their own. Our platform allows you to personalize your garment from color to buttons and more! We believe that fashion should be more personal and we’re here to make that happen.
What can I personalize?
You can personalize the available variables via the pen icon on the right-hand side next to the “Select Size” bar. Then, watch as your garment comes to life on the screen with your personalized choices!
Why is a design variable not available?
Some design options only apply to specific bodices—for example, a special pocketing may only be available on a tunic length and not a crop.
Can I request a special design variable?
Unfortunately, not at this time. But we always love to hear your feedback and will pass it on to our designers for future designs!
How close to the real thing is the rendering?
Your piece is bespoke, meaning we only create your garment when you place your order. We render each style and every variable to be as true to life as possible, to help ensure that what you see, is what you get.
How do I get a job at frilly?
We post our job openings on LinkedIn; visit us and take a look. You can also email us at, as we’re always looking for fresh talent.
How can I send you general feedback?
Please send all feedback to - we’d love to hear from you!